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Surfrider: www.surfrider.org
Laguna Beach Marine Safety: www.lblg.org
Department of Fish and Game Regs: www.dfg.ca.gov/fish/Fishing/
MLPA: www.dfg.ca.gov/mlpa
Crystal Cove: www.crystalcovestatepark.com
MARINE: www.marine.gov
PISCO: www.piscoweb.org
LIMPETS: limpets.noaa.gov
National Marine Sanctuaries: sanctuaries.noaa.gov
Shifting Baselines: www.shiftingbaselines.org
Ocean Institute: www.ocean-institute.org
MATE joblistings: www.marinetech.org/careers/index.php
Orange County Marine Protected Area Council: www.ocmarineprotection.org
COSEE West: www.usc.edu/org/cosee-west
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium: www.cabrilloaq.org
California Coastal Commission Public Education: www.coast4u.org