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Educational Programs

Human Impacts on the Rock Intertidal Zone
(High School)

In this semester program students participated in current research methods and conservation practices for rocky intertidal ecosystems. The local marine ecology class at Laguna Beach High School was challenged with the following hypothetical restoration question, “which area of two rocky intertidal sites should be considered for a pilot exclusion area (roped off from public use)?” Students were divided into research groups of 5-7 individuals and each group was asked to assume the role of an environmental consulting firm hired by the City to address the question. Students used to date research protocols to determine differences in community and population levels between the two sites within the Laguna Beach State Marine Conservation Area. Students also assessed how humans use the State Marine Conservation Area areas and how human activity affects key marine organisms. Students summarized the data both in a written report and class presentations to answer the restoration question and discuss management concerns for our coastal resources.

tides2Structure and Function in the Tidepools
(4th Grade)

Designed to reinforce California's State Standards, Laguna Ocean Foundation has developed a 4th grade tidepool field program that utilizes Laguna’s local resources. Using the tide pool as the classroom students will use various skills, such as math, science, geography and social-sciences. The class will be divided into small groups and each group will be assigned an animal. The group will work together to gather data about the animal and its habitat. The lessons will request data on water temperature, measuring water levels, saline levels and using compasses to determine wind direction and speed. They will list reasons for the animal’s choice of habitat, predators, food supply and overall quality of the animal’s habitat. Once data is collected by each group they will share their findings with the entire class. The program is designed for students to take a vested interest in the natural resources of their community and will reinforce the fact that the environment and all aspects of our lives are intertwined.

During the summer of 2006, Laguna Ocean Foundation TideWater Docents and Tidepool Educators began distributing a wonderful sea life coloring book created by LOF Director, Molly Peckels. The coloring book is designed to educate children in good tidepool behavior and sea critter identification.


Laguna Ocean Foundation will occasionally sponsor forums to alert the community of news and issues of importance relating to our beaches, intertidal zone, and watershed. Our kickoff event was held at Aliso Creek Inn and featured Laguna’s own Marine Protection Officer, Calla Allison. Calla discussed many issues relating to Marine Protection in Laguna Beach - drawing upon her first hand experience. Future events, including dates, times, speakers, and topics will be posted on the home page.

The Foundation is happy to collaborate with the Laguna Outreach for Community Arts to provide the Art and Sea education program. The five hour program is a unique opportunity to explore the rocky intertidal and learn how to capture the colors, textures and memories found in the tidepools. The beginning of the program offers an extensive guided tour of the Treasure Island tidepools by the Tidewater Docents and ends with a water color techniques and training session with established local artists. The program is currently offered three weekends per year, for more information please contact LOCA at 949.494.8869.