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Make a Donation

Thank you for considering a gift to Laguna Ocean Foundation. We are devoted to fostering environmentally responsible stewardship of Laguna Beach coastal and near shore habitats. Your generous support will be used to directly fund ongoing research and further our educational programs, outreach and coastal resource management.

Please mail your checks or money orders to Laguna Ocean Foundation at the following address. If you would prefer to make an electronic donation through PayPal, please use the button below:

Memorial Donations

Memorial donations honor the memory of loved ones and help us protect the marine habitat in their name. If you would like us to notify a family member or designated individual of your contribution, please contact us through the links below.

Laguna Ocean is a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization (EIN 71-0953427) located in Laguna Beach, California. For further information, please contact us at LagunaOceanFoundation@earthlink.net or call +1 (949) 497-8807.